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Prepare for the new HP Customer Web Support Experience Coming in April

Get Ready

Get ready! HP is transforming and improving our customer support web experience. We are retiring the HP Support Center (HPSC) and integrating support for all HP products on the HP Customer Support website. We are also implementing an improved integrated support case management capability, MyHPSupport.

MyHPSupport features the following benefits:

  • Individual profile management
  • Easy case management across all modalities in simple-to-view formats (phone, web case, portal, chat, repair, parts and services)
  • An integrated chat-to-case solution
  • Advanced remote diagnostics directly from a chat session
  • An updated and simplified user experience
  • Case and contract reporting to Microsoft Excel throughout the site
  • Contextual assistance integrated throughout the site

The transition to HP Customer Support and MyHPSupport is planned for April 2017. Stay tuned for additional communications to get set for the change.

Get Set!

We are transitioning to a new HP Customer Support website and MyHPSupport capability in April. Carefully review the information below to plan your move off of HP Support Center and Support Case Manager.

Step 1: Prepare to set up your new account

Save your HP Passport e-mail login and password for later reference. You will use these same credentials to set up your account in the new MyHPSupport capability.

Step 2: Archive Case and Warranty Information

Your case history, contracts and warranty information will no longer be visible in the new website. Complete the following Get Set activities to record information from your current Support Case Manager account to ease the setup in the new website.

  1. Save an offline copy of all open and historical case information. Open and closed cases currently logged in Support Case Manager will not be accessible to you following the transition.

    • Record Case IDs, Case Titles, Submitted dates, and any Internal Tracking Numbers

    • Record which cases are still open at the time of transition

  2. Save an offline copy of all linked entitlements including Linked Warranties, Support Agreements, and HP Care Packs. Be sure to record all relevant numbers.

    • Record the Serial Number and Product Number for each Linked Warranty (base factory warranty)

    • Record the Support Account Reference (SAR) and the Service Agreement ID (SAID) for each Support Agreement

    • Record the linked product number for each HP Care Pack

      If you capture the Linked Warranty for a product, the HP Care Pack will automatically be associated. It's no longer necessary to have the HP Care Pack Serial Number.

  3. Put all of this information into a safe place for use at transition time. We recommend creating a spreadsheet or saving screen captures.

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